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children, adolescents and families

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About Us

The Foundation Patronato María Auxiliadora is a non-profit organization that began its work in 1952 and its objective is to constantly work seeking better health opportunities for children and adolescents up to 16 years of age.

What do we do?

The social purpose of the Foundation Patronato María Auxiliadora is to develop comprehensive protection programs and projects for boys, girls and adolescents whose age does not exceed 16 years

Health care

The Foundation supports beneficiaries through alliances with professionals and institutions, which provide services such as.


We carry out actions through workshops and seminars for the prevention of situations that put the physical and mental health of the beneficiaries at risk.

Guidance and support for parents and caregivers

We provide orientation to the parents and caregivers of our beneficiaries

Gift vouchers

Transform emotional moments into hope for health for children and adolescents.

Bonuses are personalized for all occasions:Condolences, Birthdays and anniversaries,
Births, baptisms and first communions,  Marriage, Health recovery, Christmas.


Mentors project​

It arises as a response to the needs of the beneficiary families because of Covid-19, due to the change in study and work methodologies. In the project, parents and caregivers are oriented and trained to strengthen their accompaniment as mentors in parenting guidelines, health processes and school guidance at home.

family strengthening project

This project is aimed at parents and caregivers and its purpose is to contribute to family development and promotion of the rights of children and adolescents. It seeks to contribute to the consolidation of safe, loving, and protective homes where our population finds guarantees for harmonious growth and comprehensive care.

ADHD Project

With this project, attention is provided in mental health services such as psychology, psychiatry, neuropsychological rehabilitation, neuropsychological evaluations, and intervention through therapeutic art is carried out with music and capoeira with children, as well as parenting guide workshops aimed at caregivers.

Atentions in health
Children and adolescents attended in health services

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Patronato’s Foundation is a legally constituted private non-profit organization that practices good resource management and transparency in all its activities.

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