The different ways of connecting with the foundation are:

Gift vouchers

Transform emotional moments into hope for health for children and adolescents.

Bonuses are personalized for all occasions:Condolences, Birthdays and anniversaries,
Births, baptisms and first communions,  Marriage, Health recovery, Christmas.

All vouchers have an inside card specifying:

– The beneficiary child, his diagnosis, and the medical service he receives.
– In whose name the donation is made and who is sending the care.

The value includes the address in Medellín and the metropolitan area. For other places it has an additional cost.

Godfather Plan

With this plan, one of the beneficiaries is sponsored so that we can offer them adequate treatment and provide them with a better quality of life.

You can make a monthly or annual voluntary contribution and support:

What do you get from being a sponsor?

Donations in kind

We receive clothing, children’s and household items in excellent condition to deliver them to the families of our beneficiaries who need them most.

Fill a piggy bank

Request our piggy bank and fill it with a lot of love to support the treatment of our beneficiaries who do not have access to adequate and timely health care.

Money donations

To make donations and support the medical treatments of the children and adolescents of the Fundación Patronato, you can choose between the following options:

Participation in events

Traditional Lunch

It is an event held annually that brings together members, benefactors, and friends of the Patronato Foundation to raise funds for the health of children and adolescents.

Patronato’s boutique

A group of volunteers collects new or used, but in excellent condition clothes, to collect resources for the beneficiaries.